Our strongest drive is neither an electric motor nor a fuel cell,
but heart and soul. We give everything to improve the mobility of the future, and to reach everyone with it.

Timon Rupp


Timon is an experienced MDAX Executive, successful Startup Entrepreneur and Mentor.„I am seeking and finding scalable business ideas by harvesting synergies between corporates and Startups. Recently I founded The Drivery Club in Berlin, - a new breed of Innovators Club for mobility enthusiasts. Because rethinking the future starts with disrupting the way to get there.“

Felix Kreysig

Director of DriveryIn

“If it should move but doesn’t: WD40. If it moves but shouldn’t: duct tape. If you can’t fix it with a hammer: it’s an electrical problem. I am the technical guy in THE DRIVERY and responsible for running our co-creation gallery in the DRIVERY-IN. If you need tools or help with fabrication, I’m your contact. Even if I can’t help you by myself, I most likely know someone (…who knows someone…) who can.”

Chris Armbruster

Director Community Development

Chris likes to be on the move. Born in Berlin, he grew up in Africa and Asia, and spent his university time in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Italy, and the UK. While scheming for frictionless mobility and autonomous vehicles, Chris can be met in Berlin scooting about on his 2-wheeler, taking the car when necessary, or on a bus heading for take-off at the airport to enlarge the reach and impact of the exciting innovations happening in Berlin.

Nicole Schulz

Head of Office Operations

"At THE DRIVERY, we all have one thing in common: we are fundamentally different! This is one of the many reasons why I find the work here so moving. The versatility and complexity of working with different people from different cultures and with different ideas is an incredibly enriching experience. I give my best to embrace new creative and organizational challenges now."

Natalia Bahancova

Head of Marketing Communications

“PR isn't for nothing. And a good marketing? It's priceless! At least if it's up to me. As a passionate marketing manager, I help the members of the Mobility Innovators’ Club to stay better informed and to keep others informed at best. To make their projects as successful as possible. I love sharing experiences, helping and interacting with people, changing their minds and facing new challenges."

Ana Romè

Head of Events & Community Life

“From community get-togethers to informal meetings and workshops or company conferences - you've come to the right place if you want to make your DRIVERY event a success. I also play all my experience in event management for yoga classes, ping pong tournaments and video game playoffs. In addition, I am always there when you need something: from hardware to soft skills.”


Chief Happiness Officer

“Sometimes a good feeling can move more than the best technique. And I’ve got years of experience being that one community member that doesn’t leave you stone cold. As a great listener, an even better cuddler, I’m here for you when you need to get your mind of business for a minute or two. You can schedule an appointment with my assistant at ana@thedrivery.berlin or pop by The Drivery’s team office during our opening hours.”