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Marketing is one of the mandatory disciplines for business success. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or an established company in the industry. But it is exactly what can become a time-consuming and knowledge-intensive role in your company. As a member of The Drivery, you can take advantage of our extensive range of services, including our marketing service. The professional marketing team of our service partner will take care of positioning you and your company in the market in the best possible way.

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Especially in the start-up phase and as a young company in the mobility and tech industry, it is important that your marketing runs smoothly so that you can attract customers and increase your sales. We as The Drivery help you to set the right marketing strategies with the expertise and know-how of our partners and to tap your full potential. Rely on our partners’ years of experience and expertise with our marketing service and grow your business.

What is included in The Drivery’s marketing service?

Not all marketing services are the same. With our offer you can choose the most important points for you and your business and let your marketing go through the roof. All without having to pay for unimportant, or even unnecessary services. Your strategy can consist of the following marketing disciplines:

Content Marketing

Every founder has probably read that content is king. It’s not about filling your website and social media channels with random texts, but about attracting customers with relevant content and winning them over for you and your company. This requires a clear strategy to address the right customers. Our content marketing experts support you in setting up this strategy as well as in its implementation as part of our marketing services.

Design & Branding

In addition to good content marketing, design & branding is also one of the core disciplines of a good marketing concept. After all, the visual appearance of a company also has an influence on its marketing success. Together with our partner you can find the right design and branding for your company. From the design of your online presence to the complete conception of your brand identity, you can realize your goals with The Drivery Marketing Service.

Web Development

These days, it’s impossible to imagine a business without a website or app. But setting up these powerful marketing tools takes expertise and also time. Outsource the web development of your website and let our partners take care of the professional setup, maintenance and expansion of your internet presence. Everything from a web business card to a multifunctional online store is possible.

Media Relations

Especially in an innovative industry like mobility and tech, good media relations are important. Professional media relations in the areas of press and public relations can help you and your company to the next level of success. With our marketing service we can present you together with our partner in all media (social media, print, broadcast) image-building. Of course, only strategically planned high-quality content and relevant and accurate information will be used to make your target audience aware of your business.
GO4CITY project members from ELO Mobility and Fraunhofer IVI meet for a first online meeting

Media Training

Do you and your team often have to deal with the media, but are unsure whether you can handle it in the best possible way? Then our media training is just the right thing for you. As part of our marketing service, we show you and your team in various sessions and training units how to tactically and specifically place important advertising messages in the media and present your company in the best possible way.

Social Media

The wrong handling of social media can be a failure for a company. Therefore, a good strategy for this is essential. Our marketing service analyses which platforms are the right and important ones for your company and plans high-quality content. Also the creation and maintenance of a community on your channels can be outsourced to our experienced partner. Additionally, we offer the option to use our in-house Podcast + Media Studio.

Video Production

Videos are a nice and easy way to communicate your company, products and vision. But this also needs to be handled professionally, because shaky mobile videos are not an option for your company’s website or social media. With our marketing service, you can have professional corporate and product videos created. In this process, professionals specialized in video content will support you in planning the content of the video and then manage the entire production process.

Crisis communication

A crisis can happen to any company. But that’s exactly when professional and skilful crisis communication is important, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the company’s image. Often, however, it is precisely in such critical situations that expertise is lacking. Our partners, however, are experienced and support you in mastering this crisis. This marketing service can be used preventively and with effective measures in acute emergencies.

Why outsource marketing as a start-up?

Especially as a start-up, time and resources are often scarce. However, marketing should not be spared. Because without representation to the outside, your ideas can be still so great, the business success will remain rather small. To make marketing professional and successful, and to allow you and your team to focus on your core competencies, outsourcing is the best option:

  • You take advantage of the many years of experience in all offered areas of our expert partners, who will perform the services highly professionally and successfully for you.
  • You gain a lot of time in which you can take care of your business.
  • You can use your resources time and money more flexibly, because you don’t need to hire your own marketing staff, you can use your team more effectively and you can use The Driver marketing service flexibly.

How to book marketing services with The Drivery

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