Legal Service

Especially in the early stages of a company, good legal advice is a must-have for every founder. This is not only necessary when the legal situation is already a hot mess, but should also lay the foundation for your company on which you can calmly build your success. But not every lawyer is designed for start-ups and tech companies. With our service, we offer you the perfect partner for competent and experienced legal advice in all matters important to you.

Well advised legally with The Drivery

Finding the right legal counsel can be tedious and lengthy. Which attorney is knowledgeable about the areas of expertise important to your business? Does the firm cover all the points that are necessary for you? Or do you even need to hire a separate law firm for each issue? The Drivery relieves you of this worry and offers you a comprehensive service with experienced partners in legal advice for start-ups and companies in the tech and mobility industry. In doing so, we support you from startup to contract drafting, corporate and employment law.

What is included in The Drivery’s legal services?

As diverse as the work in a company is, so are the specialist areas that need to be covered in competent legal advice for start-ups and young companies. However, not only specialized knowledge is important, but also comprehensible communication as well as a certain sensitivity for the tech and mobility industry. Our partners cover exactly that and offer you individual legal service with all documents and clear communication on the discussed areas of expertise. Thus, we can assist you and your company in the following legal areas:

Corporate Law

The legal advice of our competent partners offers you support in other areas of corporate law. They will assist you even before the company is founded, help you decide on the legal form of the company and the necessary steps to obtain a business licence, if required, and also advise you on venture capital and the drafting of investment contracts.

General terms and conditions/contracts

Our experienced partners advise and support you in the drafting of your general terms and conditions as well as contracts in all legal relationships. We can review existing terms and conditions and contracts as well as draft and amend new ones.

Data protection

Data protection is still one of the most important topics in the online world. However, it can also become a stumbling block and bring expensive consequences if careless action is taken in this regard. Get advice on a pragmatic, but also legally compliant implementation of the GDPR requirements for your business processes and models and make your company safe against possible conflicts due to data protection violations.

Trademark registration, trademark law, copyright law

With growing brand awareness, it is advisable to get good legal service on your own brand in order to get the best possible protection for your logo and name, but also to weigh the risks of registering them, as well as to get support in the trademark registration process. Furthermore, our legal counsel partners will also take care of any infringements of your trademark and copyright.
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Labor Law

It is important and necessary for the success of a company that it also grows in terms of the size of its workforce. However, this also entails legal aspects of employee relations. In addition to employment contracts and the usual models of employee participation, our experienced partners will advise and support you in all other matters of employment law.

Why is good legal service important for start-ups?

To successfully run an innovative company, you not only need good entrepreneurial skills, but you also often have to avoid legal pitfalls. However, for the latter you need a profound legal knowledge, which you cannot simply acquire on the side. Seemingly unimportant and minor negligence can lead to expensive and protracted legal disputes. But even amateurish legal advice can have a negative impact on the success of your business. However, good legal service should not only be used in case of these risks or acute emergencies, but also as a sparring partner and advisor in upcoming decisions, in order to weigh possible legal problems and choose the best option.

How to book legal service with The Drivery

In just a few simple steps you can add our legal service to your membership and have your company legally protected and advised by our partners.

  • Get in touch with us.
  • Together with our legal partners, we will create an individual offer tailored to your needs.
  • And let the legal service start.