Brand Awareness Service

Traction. Immediately.

Brand awareness and visibility are important drivers of a company’s success. With a targeted strategy, these two factors can be optimized through engagement and the right contacts.

Put your business in the spotlight with our Brand Awareness Service

Just launched your business and want to share it with the world? Or do you want more visibility in the mobility industry for your existing business? Whatever your reason for wanting to make your business more visible, we’re here for you. With our exclusive brand awareness service, we’re here to help.

What is included in this service?

To provide the exact service you and your business need, our Brand Awareness Service is always tailored to your needs. So you always get exactly what you need. The service can be categorized into three sub-services: Consulting, Events and Online Presentation.

Consulting, Scouting and Match-Making

Together with your personal engagement professional, we build the bridge from your company to The Drivery ecosystem. Together you will explore your company’s needs, opportunities and hurdles and set individual engagement goals. In the process, you’ll gain access to The Drivery Deal Room and digital marketplace. Your Brand Awareness Services mentor will actively seek out and connect with potential investors in our ecosystem based on your individual needs. In addition, monthly engagement sessions will discuss opportunities and analyse past activities.


In addition to the individual and personal support by an engagement professional, our brand awareness service also offers access to events that can help you and your company gain more visibility. You will receive invitations to the events that are important for you to grow. Furthermore, you also have the option to host your own events with up to 400 participants in our Eventspace Deep Space.
GO4CITY project members from ELO Mobility and Fraunhofer IVI meet for a first online meeting

Online Presentation

Our brand awareness service brings you more visibility and engagement not only offline, but also online. We get you and your business featured on our online presences such as social media, our podcast & newsletter as well as on our blog and home page. This way, your business will be visible online as well.

How to book the Brand Awareness Service from The Drivery

You want to use our Brand Awareness Service? With these x simple steps, you can get more visibility for your company:

  • Contact us: contact us via the button below and let us know your interest.
  • Individual offer: We will create an individual offer for the Brand Awareness Service – tailored to your needs.
  • Onboarding session: As soon as the formalities have been completed, our cooperation begins with an onboarding session. Here we discuss everything important, discuss goals and possibilities and plan.

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