Start-up Services

Start-up and scaling made easy!

You want to grow and scale your start-up as fast as possible and are not sure whether outsourcing or in sourcing is the best option for you? We make the decision easier for you!

To do so, The Drivery has hand-picked trusted startup services partners in all major business disciplines who offer only top-notch professional services at discounted rates for our valued members. Use the knowledge of subject-matter experts to your advantage and focus on your core competencies. Let us help you accelerate your business growth. Secure your membership now and book a start-up service upgrade.

Our start-up services at a glance

Take advantage of our packages and book the start-up services your business needs right now. Stay flexible and decide every month which expertise you need in the current phase.

Sales Service

On-demand sales support on a monthly basis: cold calling, scheduling, setting up sales structures (pre-sales, after-sales). Whether for scaling or testing product-market fit.

Coding Service

Logistics assistant, GPS tracker, booking, online payment. Build your dream team from our best developers, designers and product managers with our start-up service.

Incubation Service

We build your professional company for the future-oriented mobility ecosystem: smarter, leaner and more powerful than ever before.

AI Service

Let our start-up service around AI help you turn data assets into profit through direct or indirect monetization.

Insurance Service

Innovative insurance solutions for innovative services and products – both B2B and B2C – mitigate risk for fast-growing businesses.

GPU Service

On-site access to NIVIDIA Tesla-powered GPU stations to effectively train algorithms “on the edge”.

Company Setup Service

Product concept, market analysis, partnership strategy, expansion strategy.

CFO Service

Consulting fields: Finance, process optimization, digitalization, strategy, expansion and equity financing, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) plus.

Governance Service

Support in establishing and operating mission-oriented advisory boards and mitigating risks related to compliance and liability.

Tax Advisory Service

Outsource your tax return and optimization and let our professionals do it.

Engineering Service

Prototyping boxes, equipment for calibration, diagnostics & manufacturing, test facilities. Access engineering service in the areas of batteries, fuel cells and electrics.

Design Service

Get professional visual design for screen, print media, banners, stickers, presentations, invitations, etc. with this start-up service.

Fundraising Service

Start your fundraising journey, maximize your start-up investment potential and scale the business.

Acceleration Service

Go-to market validation, pitch preparation, business model development. Always from the user’s perspective.

Scouting Service

Explore the next big thing. Get in touch with The Drivery to learn more about all relevant players within the ecosystem. We’ll introduce you.

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