Innovation Service Board

Starting and scaling your company doesn’t have to be hard!

Outsourcing or insourcing? Always a tough decision to make!

Worry no more!

The Drivery has hand-picked trusted service partners that are exclusively providing top-notch professional services at discounted rates for our valued members.  Don´t waste your precious time on try and error. Focus on your bottom line and witness our services accelerating your growth. Get your membership now and book your service upgrades.

Exposure Package

Traction. Immediately.

One month of intensive personal introduction to qualified clients and business partners in the ecosystem.

Recruiting Services

Getting the Best. Fast.

Talent scouting, hiring process, team building. Scale your business by building the best teams, faster.

Valuation Services

Qualified company valuation – What is my company actually worth?

Financial Reporting, Finance Optimization, Transaction Advisory

Marketing Services

Get viral or out.

Content marketing, social media, branding and crisis communications.

Sales Services

High reach, low CoA.

On-Demand Sales Support on a monthly basis: cold calls, scheduling, development of sales structures (pre-sales, after-sales).Whether to scale or to test the Product-Market fit.

Legal Services

Start-up lawyers.

360° legal services, package deals and ongoing consultancy for startups & tech companies on the German and EU market. Company construction kit, labour law, corporate law, IP &software licenses.

Coding Services

Fullstack. Nonstop.

Logistic assistant, GPS Tracker, booking, online payment. Put together your dream team from our best developers, designers and product managers.

Incubation Services

From idea to cash.

We build your hyper-specialized venture and business unit for the future mobility ecosystem: smarter, leaner, and more powerful than ever.

AI Services

Monetizing the data pool.

Turning data assets into profit through direct or indirect monetization.

Insurance Services

De-risking Innovation.

Innovative insurance solutions for innovative services and products – both B2B and B2C – de-risking fast-growing business.

GPU Services

Serviced processing power for AI.

Access to on premise NIVIDIA Tesla powered GPU stations to effectively train algorithms “on the edge”.

Company Building Services

From A to Z.

Product concept, market analysis, partnership strategy, expansion strategy.

CFO Services

Credibility on a shoestring.

Areas of advice: finance, process optimization, digitization, strategy, expansion and equity financing as well as company acquisitions and company sales (M&A) plus.

Governance Services

For the board.

Support on how to build and run mission driven advisory boards and to mitigate risks associated with compliance and liability.

Tax Services

Ugly but beneficial.

Tax declaration and optimization.

Engineering Services

Hardware heaven.

Prototyping boxes, equipment for calibration, diagnostics & fabrication, testing facilities. Access to engineering service in the fields of batteries, fuel cells and electric.

Design Services

Love at first sight.

Professional visual design for screen, print media, banners, stickers, presentations, invitations, etc.

Fund Raising Services

Closing the deal.

Kickstart your fundraising journey, maximize your startup investment potential, and scale your business.

Acceleration Services


Go-to-market validation, pitch preparation, business models development. Always from the user’s perspective.

Scouting Services


Scout the next big thing. Get in touch with The Drivery to learn more about all relevant players within the ecosystem. Introduction granted.

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