Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Hardware for Dummies: Class 1 – Prototyping, Schematics, and Drawings

23 August 2022, 4 pm – 6 pm

This is the first of a five part class on the basics of hardware engineering, with a focus on prototyping and mechanical engineering.

This particular class will teach you the value of prototyping, some tips and tricks to go out and start building, as well as how to read and create schematic drawings of mechanical parts. The next classes will get more technical, covering material science, fabrication methods, fluids and thermodynamics, and mechatronics and motion. Each class is approximately 75 minutes, with plenty of time for questions.

Free beer is prowided by The Drivery!

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Getting funded by mFUND – You give me 3 million Euros, and I do what?

10 August 2022, 4 pm – 6 pm

Since 2016, the mFUND funding initiative has supported more than 400 R&D projects with significant capital. Under the umbrella of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), mFUND is looking for projects that combine innovative mobility solutions with an open data approach. Once a project has successfully mastered the various qualification stages, funding from mFUND means security for the future, even for larger teams – with up to three million euros to fund a project over a maximum period of 36 months.

In this MESH Masterclass, two representatives from mFUND will introduce you to a form of financing that will help you hold on to your company shares.

Free beer is prowided by The Drivery!

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Computer Vision in Production @The Drivery

4 August 2022, 6 pm – 9 pm

We are delighted to announce the ninth Computer Vision in Production event, that we host in our Deep Space.

We have four Excellent talks lined up, before the talks we will have beers, pizza and networking for 15 minutes and we commence the talks at 6:30pm.

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Robocars and Roborace

3 August 2022, 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Always wanted to build a Robocar? Join our series of Robocars meetups in Berlin at The Drivery!

Who we are: we are a community of people who loves to work on robots that move with a lot of specialists from autonomous driving world.

How we do it: we have an amazing track for robocars to test our robots. We meet once a month to share the progress and train our models.

What do we plan: We will have a race in December with cool prizes from our sponsor. During the race, each vehicle should show that it stays stable on the track and can drive loops autonomously. The fastest car wins!

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weareVR Kick-Off / Create the virtual cockpit of tomorrow

29 July 2022, 1 pm – 6 pm

At the weareVR Hackathon Berlin everything revolves around finding novel VR solutions for helicopter cockpits. Do you love the challenge and are interested in using VR to develop innovative solutions?

Join us at the Kick-Off event at The Drivery to get all details about the challenge as well as enjoy inspiring speeches, drinks and snacks. Register fast we have limited seats and first come first serve!

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THE MESH Marketplace

7 July 2022

Connect with the largest ecosystem of mobility innovators at THE MESH Marketplace powered by Berylls Digital Ventures.

The Drivery partners with Berylls Digital Ventures and Baloise for the very first edition of THE MESH Marketplace – a unique networking event featuring a showcase of groundbreaking mobility startups of The Drivery ecosystem, world class keynote sessions and panel discussions as well as free drinks in an inspiring environment. This is your chance to meet with cutting-edge mobility innovators, exchange knowledge and expand your personal network!

During the event you can explore and meet with 20 start-ups from The Drivery ecosystem at the inhouse Marketplace exhibition.

Plus: The winner of the Baloise Mobility Demo Day pitch competition will present their prized idea in an exclusive demo session and Q&A.

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Past Events

June 2022

Capital City Conference on Electromobility

29 June 2022

The mobility industry in Berlin will meet for the 10th time on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at the Capital City Conference on Electromobility.

The attendees will discuss sustainable mobility solutions, such as fast charging in urban areas, new solutions from startups and autonomous driving projects in Berlin. Among others, Senator for Economics Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Transport Bettina Jarasch, Leonhard von Harrach, Vice President DACH & CEE at TIER Mobility and Christian Hochfeld, Director of Agora Verkehrswende.

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THE MESH Masterclass

22 June 2022

Join our first THE MESH Masterclass and learn from Dr. Bastian July, LL.M. (Boston University).

Intellectual property is a must. However, developing a successful IP strategy is uncharted territory for most startups. IP rights (e.g., patents and trademarks) are absolutely crucial. If you don’t have IP and later realize that you need it, it’s usually too late.

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Codina Konferenz

15 June 2022

Die Zukunft wird gemeinsam gestaltet! Hiermit laden wir Sie herzlich zur CO:DINA-Konferenz 2022 am 15. Juni 2022 von 10.00 – 17.00 Uhr in Berlin ein. Diskutieren Sie mit uns über Perspektiven, Rahmenbedingungen und politische Handlungsoptionen zur Gestaltung einer Digitalisierung im Dienst der sozial-ökologischen Transformation.

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Community BBQ

2 June 2022

As the warmer days are slowly taking over, we would like to invite you to our early-summer BBQ at The Drivery! Another reason – The Drivery turned 3 years old on March 1st and we would like to celebrate it with you.

Get together with the community and ecosystem while enjoying the weather with great food, cold beer and music. Networking has never been this much fun, so make sure to save your spot!

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May 2022

Berlin City Summit

5 May 2022

Berlin’s mobility system is currently in transition, both physically and digitally. This means that now is the perfect opportunity to assess the present and discuss potential challenges that will arise in the future. The Berlin City Summit is this communication space where the most important questions about the future of urban mobility are discussed and answered, and the transformation takes shape. The first edition of the Berlin City Summit on May 5th, 2022 will focus on mobility hubs. Mobility hubs are the physical and digital representation of the mobility system. They are the focal point of access to all modes of transport, which includes MaaS, shared services, last mile logistics, and electric energy provision and thus represent the enabling force for future mobility in Berlin.

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Start 121 #MEETUP

4 May 2022

Are you looking for ideas and businesspartners? Join Start121 – Matching corporates and startups – one to one.

Keynotes, Pitches, Networking – all what you need on 4. Mai at The Drivery in Berlin.

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April 2022

Girls’ Day – Girls can 3D printing

28 April 2022

Together with our Partner 3DK we invite you to join the Girl’Day 2022. The aim of the initiative is to awaken and promote an interest in technology among students. Early interest formation often lays the foundation for later career paths. Ideally, the first points of contact between the students and the world of 3D printing already occur within the project, motivating them to pursue a career in this rapidly growing field of technology.

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K.I.T.T. Hackathon

26 April 2022

Do not miss the exclusive opportunity and help us to bring the vision for a talking AI vehicle to life with today’s technologies.

Yes it’s about the iconic K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), that will arrive into The Drivery Maker Garage next week. Btw, The Knight Rider TV Series is celebrating 40th anniversary this year.

Bring your AI gear, we have the K.I.T.T. the Amazon dev environment and some onsite GPUs waiting for you in The Drivery MakerSpace!

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March 2022


7 March 2022

The Applied Data Hackathon Grand Finale – Join us in Berlin or online and watch the teams present their projects.

Data-driven teams are taking to the stage to present their efforts from the Applied Data Hackathon! The Hackathon is the gateway for teams to enter the Applied Data Incubator. Plus there are other top prizes.

Come and support them and discover exciting new thinking in the worlds of smart city and mobility, logistics, manufacturing and agriculture.

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February 2022


22 February- 7 March 2022

The Applied Data Hackathon begins next week at The Drivery and online. Startup Colors is bringing together data-driven entrepreneurs to work on real-life business challenges in the fields of Automation, Logistics, Manufacturing and Smartcity. Hackers can choose from challenges set by our business partners or submit their own projects.

Apply by February 28, 3 pm.

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10 February 2022

Join the first meetup of the Applied Data Hackathon and explore the gateway into the new data-driven incubator in Berlin: Applied Data Incubator.

Applied Data Incubator empowers data-driven innovation and is looking for creative minds, engaged hackers, European data lovers and deeptech entrepreneurs to join its first ever hybrid hackathon that is brought to you in collaboration with Startups Colors, DataNatives, Dataconomy, The Drivery Berlin as well as their corporate partners.

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January 2022

CITYTRANSFORMER comes to The Drivery

27 January 2022

Meet the world’s first all-electric mobility solution that intelligently transforms its width and riding behavior for a superior city riding and parking experience.

  • 1 Meter wide
  • 90 km/h
  • 30 min fast charge
  • hyper sustainable

This is for Members only exclusive event at The Drivery!
The CITYTRANSFORMER is already available for pre-order and can be seen on January 27th at The Drivery

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June 2021


16-18 June 2021

The GreenTech Festival Conference with its keynotes, panel discussions, bootcamps and deepdives, is there for those who want to enact lasting change. Together with bold pioneers and outstanding global leaders, they have created a stage for inspiring idea exchange, driven by the need for sustainable business solutions. Join the Conference and enjoy the deepdive hosted by Timon Rupp on “Growing Green Unicorns: getting started and growing dreams in the green tech space”. intense and direct exchange with experienced professionals.

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How to start my Podcast

9 June 2021, 4 pm

We will show you how you can professionally record, edit and publish your podcast using efficient technology (compact studio, microphones, the possibility for telephone interviews)
What technology do I need for high-quality recordings?
What is my target group? Who do I want to reach?
How do I structure my podcast?
How do I design my podcast cover?
Where and how do I publish my podcast?

Participation is free for all Members of The Drivery. Promo-code can be found in our Slack channel.

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Japan-German Accelerator Kick-Off

9 June 2021, 11 – 12 am

With leveraging the largest ecosystem for mobility innovators in Europe and in close cooperation with our Japanese partner Crossbie, we invite startups from Japan to accelerate into the European Market and German Startups to effectively enter the Japanese market.

In this webinar, we will focus on The Drivery‘s reasons for focusing on Japan, open innovation in the European startup ecosystem. You also will learn about why Berlin is so fascinating as a mobility market, also about the subsidies offered by the local authorities and how they support startups etc.

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Mai 2021


17 May 2021

We have an exciting announcement: our Partner DEEP BERLIN is back with new energy and a new design! Take a minute to rediscover the key visual – will you be the one to spot the hidden message? Focus on the marked area and tell us which word and number we’re looking for.

For a chance to win a working space at The Drivery for one month, including High-Performing Computing (HPC) Power suitable for your AI project(s), submit your solution to info@deep-berlin.ai. Entries close on May 7, the winner will be drawn and announced on May 17.

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November 2020

BARCAMP Digital Mobility: Digital Mobil – Lebenswerte Stadt

November 26, 2020 at 10:00 – 13:00

Euch beschäftigen relevante Themen aus dem Energie- und Mobilitätsbereich, die Ihr gern mit anderen Teilnehmenden diskutieren möchtet? Ihr habt eine Projektidee und sucht zur Umsetzung nach tatkräftigen Kooperationspartnern oder nach Feedback von anwesenden Experten?

Rise of AI Summit

November 17 -18, 2020

For two days they invite AI experts, decision-makers, opinion-leaders and game-changers to discuss Artificial Intelligence for society and business. Join Rise of AI Summit 17. & 18. November 2020.
You can participate 100 % virtual and free.

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September 2020

How to start my PODCAST

September 25, 2020 at 16:00

Want to start your own podcast? We will show you how you can professionally record, edit and publish your podcast using efficient technology (Compact Studio, microphones, possibility for telephone interviews …). As a member of THE DRIVERY use the promotional code DRIVERY40X to get a special Drivery-discount.

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Data Science Retreat Demo Day

September 22, 2020 17:30 – 20:30

Data Science Retreat presents 9 Machine Learning prototypes and projects by Batch 22/23 participants. The event is free to attend but please let us know you are coming. We are excited to organize the first in-person demo day for the year.

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September 16 -18, 2020, Kraftwerk Berlin & Online

For two days in September, Berlin will transform into a hub of inspiration. With selected top exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge developments in areas from energy and mobility to food and fashion, a brighter future is at our fingertips. Meet The Drivery at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL.

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BARCAMP Digital Mobility: Digital Mobil – Lebenswerte Stadt

September 16, 2020 at 10:00

Alles digital oder mobil oder beides? Ist die Digitalisierung ein Treiber für mehr Lebensqualität?  Im diesjährigen Barcamp betrachten wir die „Stadt“ und wie intelligente Mobilität Berlin lebenswerter machen kann.
Wir brauchen Eure Ideen, Eure Projektansätze, Eure Inspiration!

BERLIN Urban Tech Summit virtual conference

September 2, 2020 at 13:30

Als Gründer von The Drivery fördert Timon Rupp im Berliner Ullsteinhaus den Austausch zwischen Denker*innen, Macher*innen und Menschen mit Visionen aus Industrie, Forschung und Politik. Mobilität der Zukunft wird hier völlig neu gedacht und gemeinsam vor Ort umgesetzt. Im Panel “Richtung Zukunft: Mobilitätskonzepte für die Stadt von Morgen” diskutieren unsere Speaker*innen über innovative und nachhaltige Mobilität.

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Fundraising when times are challenging

September 2, 2020 at 13:00

„Fundraising when times are challenging“ – A perspective by Gülsah Wilke, Investor at Axel Springer”. The interview will be held by Maru Winnacker, Founding Partner of Super Group.

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April 2020

WEBINAR: How startups and suppliers sell to OEMs and corporates

April 2, 2020, at 17:15

Introducing the latest standards expected for the entire Automotive (Mobility) Supply Chain.
Omnex Europe and The Drivery invite you to join our live Webinar introducing the latest standards expected for the entire Automotive (Mobility) Supply Chain.

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March 2020


March 11-12, 2020

Small groups, steep learning curves! Meet the pioneers of electric mobility from auto OEMs, utilities to tech startups. The most inspiring heads of the industry reflect on personal success factors and drawbacks in an intimate setup.  Join the New Mobility League at ELECTRIC MOBILITY BOOTCAMP in Berlin

Ignite your own Startup? Best Technology Business Ideas!

March 5, 2020

Where can young start-up founder be inspired? As we welcomed the new roaring 2020s, the European startup sector can feel proud of another record for investment in 2019, as founders all over the continent start to challenge the US and China for building innovative, scalable businesses. Focusing primarily on tech products and services we are going to talk about the best technology business ideas for a startup.

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February 2020


February 27, 2020

Data-driven organizations need a modern data pipeline to ensure that right data is available at all times to make decisions, and as a foundation for building smart innovative services. A carefully managed data pipeline can provide access to reliable and well-structured datasets for analytics, machine learning and research stakeholders.

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February 20, 2020

Come and meet the EUSP ecosystem, composed by EU politicians, major European transportation’s companies, European investors and winning startups from our previous editions, who are shaping the future of mobility. The evening will be hosted by Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the Transports’ Committee at the European Parliament and President of the EUSP; together with the Boston Consulting Group and Via-ID.

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February 15-16, 2020

Mobilität verändert sich!
Bei diesem Hackathon kannst du uns dabei helfen, erste Schritte in die Zukunft zu unternehmen!
Mit Jelbi will die BVG gemeinsam mit Anbietern, Flächenpartnern und der Verwaltung unser Stadtbild verändern – neue Impulse setzen und Berlin durch neue Angebote, verbesserte Services und kombinierte Datenquellen mobiler und intelligenter machen!

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January 2020

Jelbi Station Ullsteinstrasse Opening

January 30, 2020

BVG is opening a Jelbi Station Ullsteinstrasse right in front of The Driverys Maker Garage and invites you to come over during your lunch break. When: 30th January 2020, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Get the Jelbi App and use the shared Mobility in Berlin: bus, train, scooter, bike, car, and ridesharing with Jelbis partners Miles, TIER Mobility, nextbike GmbH, BerlKönig, VBB.

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January 30, 2020

A fast-paced introduction to being a founder in mobility: How to start-up successfully!

You will meet the advisors, mentors, and team you need. We have an international outlook, are committed to diversity, and have the experience needed to answer your questions.

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November 2019

Electric Mobility Bootcamp

November 27-28, 2019

At the Electric Mobility Bootcamp, we create a holistic view of the present and future of electric mobility. Pioneers and experts from the automotive, energy and technology sectors deconstruct the electric mobility value chain and share their visions with you. In addition to basic knowledge, the Electric Mobility Bootcamp provides impulses for ramping up new organizations and uses rapid prototyping to develop and test new mobility solutions.

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Open Climate Collaboration

November 16-17, 2019

The 2019 collaborative hackathon is a global event that will launch at Yale University’s Kroon Hall on November 16 with a 2 day on-campus hack followed by a 2 week decentralized development sprint in different nodes around the world. The project aims to leverage technology and multi-disciplinary skills to collectively build a global open-source climate accounting system.

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Code Control Talent Summit

November 14, 2019

The CodeControl community is gathering for the first time for a full day summit in Berlin, with the purpose of building connections, sharing knowledge and addressing the challenges faced by freelancers in the Future of Work.

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2nd Urban Mobility Dialogue

November 13-16, 2019

Far beyond standard event types, the Urban Mobility Dialogue creates a very special and familiar atmosphere, where governmental representatives, businessmen, academicians, and public activists can work together to develop unusual thoughts, discuss controversial opinions and constitute new creative development steps together.

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Global Women Startup Weekend

November 8-10, 2019

This Startup Weekend is focused on empowering women in Berlin and to lend their voice to innovation! Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. All teams hear talks by industry leaders and receive valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs. The weekend is centered around action, innovation, and education.

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DEEP Berlin Conference

November 5, 2019

The DEEP BERLIN Conference gets together the top Berlin-based AI startups, working on significant advancements of the technology in their respective industries and markets. The Conference creates a space that supports the engagement between innovative startups and corporates, having discussions about harnessing AI for cross-sector innovation.

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October 2019

NOAH Conference London

October 30-31, 2019

The NOAH London Conference on 30-31 October 2019 at Old Billingsgate is Europe’s top investment-centric networking event. 1,500+ senior executives and investors spend most of their time in pre-arranged meetings to discuss investments or partnerships. The main stage program is focused on company presentations of Europe’s most successful digital companies and investors as well sessions focused on helping the next generation of market leaders scale faster and learn from others’ mistakes.
On the startup stage, 80 companies no older than 5 years and from different funding stages present their businesses in 6-minute elevator pitches to angel and VC investors. noah-conference.com

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Artificial Intelligence in Mobility

October 29, 2019

Presentation one: How technology and data are shaping the future of micro-mobility by IQ Sayed, CTO and John Enevoldsen, Data Team Lead @ Circ. Join us for an evening filled with insights into tech and data insights as well as challenges in the mobility environment and learn how Circ use technology to solve the urban mobility challenge.

Presentation two: How Machine Learning is turning the Automotive Industry upside down by Jan Zawadzki, Project Lead, Data & AI @ Carmeq GmbH. Machine learning opens up brand-new business models, from autonomous driving to smart production to personal assistance in the car.

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September 2019

Micromobility Podcast: Live Q&A with Horace Dediu and Oliver Bruce

September 29, 2019

With Germany’s first full season of scooter sharing almost over, what comes next for micromobility?
The evening before the Micromobility Europe conference, The Drivery is hosting a live, pre-event recording of The Micromobility Podcast with Horace Dediu and Oliver Bruce at its Berlin office to discuss.

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Operational Safe Systems

September 24-25, 2019

In a fast-paced and fast-changing automotive world, the industry is faced with a challenging task – developing and delivering state of the art products while covering all related system safety issues. Since vehicle systems are becoming more entangled especially with regards to their performance parts or autonomous driving functions, the development and implementation of safety standards, architecture, as well as the verification of those, are crucial.

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Hydrogen Mobility Meetup

September 23, 2019

The Hydrogen mobility meetup at The Drivery maker garage. Join us and see a hydrogen show car and discuss with representatives of H2 Mobility, Hyundai Motor Europe, ZeroAvia, and e.GO REX GmbH about market trends, open innovation opportunities, cost reduction of FCEV, and the future of hydrogen-powered mobility.

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VSNE Startup Idea contest

September 21, 2019

VSNE is the very first contest that organized for startups, entrepreneurs and founders of Vietnamese descent in Europe. We are going to welcome hundreds of students, future-entrepreneurs, mentors, business experts and professionals from all over Europe.

The contest seeks innovative and creative startup ideas, where top runners will be provided with professional supports in idea realization and business development.

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IHK Tag der Verkehrswirtschaft

September 19, 2019

Digital und intermodal. Wo liegt der Nutzen von digital-gesteuerten Mobilitätsketten?

Für urbane Mobilität sind nicht nur Fahrzeuge mit technischem Fortschritt gefragt, sondern auch die Entwicklung neuer Mobilitätsketten. Welchen Nutzen bringen digitalgesteuerte Systeme? Wie müssen die Akteure dafür zusammenarbeiten? Mit welcher Infrastruktur, welchen Rahmenbedingungen kommen Sie aus?

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TIER Hackathon Computer Vision

September 13-15, 2019

In this not-too-serious educational collaboration, you can play around with DIY RC cars (called “donkey cars”) and apply your skills to solve common everyday struggles with the latest technology.

If you love coding and are familiar with computer vision, deep learning, or autonomous driving, this event is for you! But we welcome all skill levels. You need only bring a thirst for learning.

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Immobilien-Dialog Büromarkt Berlin

Demand continues unabated and the transaction volume of the first quarter is one of the best in Berlin’s history. The capital city simply attracts magical attention and the edge of the city is increasingly attracting the attention of (inter)national investors. Find out for yourself what Berlin’s sensation is all about and in which record-breaking direction the office market will develop.

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AI Monday Berlin

September 2, 2019

What: Four crisp presentations including a Q&A section. Some speakers will also demo their AI solutions. Followed by snacks, drinks, and networking.

Who: Calling all AI curious individuals, change leaders, and businesses with a passion for data and disruption.

Why: Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.

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August 2019


August 29, 2019

Where is the money? Legal aspects of raising and investing funds via direct investment and corporate partnerships. This event is free for Drivery Members.

Meet Christian Angele, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Head of Talent, Circ – Advanced Urban Mobility, Sebastian Dalles, Senior Investment Manager, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH, Dr. Rudolf Gridl, Head of Division VIA5, Internet Governance and International Digital Dialogue, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Mathias Kiep, CFO TUI Deutschland GmbH, Ines Streimelweger, Investment Manager, Creandum Advisor GmbH, and Kristian Lutz, Partner Hyazinth LLP‍

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Digital Mobility BARCAMP

August 22, 2019

The Digital Mobility Barcamp unites creative minds from the mobility world with those of the digital world in order to discuss innovative approaches to the future of mobility. The Barcamp serves as a platform for cooperation and a think-tank for new solutions and projects. Along with information exchange and brainstorming in workshops, networking is central.

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July 2019

AI for Good Hackathon

July 26-28, 2019

2.5 days of using deep learning to improve life saving efforts in maritime search and rescue

From July 26th – 28th, we will be organizing our first AI for Good Hackathon, with the mission of using deep learning to improve maritime search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea, by using embedded deep learning on drones to detect refugee boats in danger of drowning.

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June 2019

Techstars Global Startup Weekend. Sustainable Revolution Berlin

June 14-16, 2019

54 houers to create and develop startup ideas that will boost sustainability in the world.

Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

An event open for all ages, experience levels and backgrounds of motivated people with ideas or willing to join other teams and improve the sustainability of their communities and the world. If you’re looking for a team, co-founder, mentors or an idea to leave your mark in the world, Startup Weekend is the event for you. Photographer Nomadic by Choice.

May 2019

Hands on E-Lorean

May 9, 2019

The construction work in The Drivery’s makerspace Drivery In has been completed and we are receiving a constant flow of new tools and partners every week. This means we can finally start putting our hands on the DeLorean.

Find out more about E-Lorean Builders project.

The Meetup will be held on Thursday, May 9th and organized by Drivery In Director Felix Kreysig.

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TLV-BER Smart Mobility scale up

May 9, 2019

Please welcome Executive Director Orlie Dahan from EcoMotion, representing 8,000 members and 600 mobility startups.

Join the conversation TLV-BER with veterans Saul Reichman and Mor Eini, and see some of the best Berlin-based mobility startups: AIPARK, MotionTag, and TIER.

Hear from Target Global (€100m mobility fund) what matters to get funded to Series E.