The Drivery is a Marketplace of Mobility Innovators,
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universities and Startups.

Intrepid Delta

Intrepid Delta delivers strategic, senior-level events that bring together a selected network of experts from the automotive industry. We produce and manage leading B2B conferences, workshops and curated content.

Founded only 3 years ago by the two conference and technology veterans Dr. Klaudia Malowitz and Dr. Hanna Burger, we give our best and passion to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, opportunities and business in Berlin for the world. Inspired by the Star Trek Saga - to boldly go where no one has gone before, the Intrepid Delta team now is a 4-women and 1-man show.

We are very happy to be where the future of digital mobility is thought, shaped and made. The Drivery is where the mobility magic happens.


LiangDao GmbH is a new startup with strong Chinese-German roots. We are focusing on developing software applications, cloud-based data management solutions as well as engineering services based on automotive LiDAR sensors.

We are excited about working in the studio of The Drivery and connecting with startups of future mobilites.


AIPARK provides live parking maps for developers in and around mobility. The coverage includes currently (02/19) 400 cities across 14 countries in Europe and North America. Today our product is consumed by already more than 1 million monthly active users through our B2B customers Volkswagen, Here Technologies and German Railway. Our business model is to license access to our plattform in a volume based or monthly plan for enterprise customers. Our products are free to use for non-commercial applications and small developers.


TIER is a Berlin based scooter sharing company on its mission to change mobility for good. We want to play a substantial part in the ongoing transformation of transport, relieving cities from emissions and congestion, putting responsible usage and safety at the centre of our business. The company started its operations in October 2018 and is now operating in 19 cities across 10 European markets. 

With a few clicks on your phone you’re ready to go. Explore somewhere new, or swing by that place around the corner. Follow your instinct to make your way freely.

The management team is composed of some of the most experienced and execution-driven entrepreneurs in Europe: Lawrence Leuschner (CEO & Co-Founder), Matthias Laug (CTO & Co-Founder) and Alex Gayer (CFO).



As a startup – born and grown up in Berlin – we are now ready to become part of the new mobility community of The Drivery. We are looking forward to exchange between different startups and corporates and are proud to contribute and shape new ideas around mobility.

YPTOKEY’s decentralised network provides our users with secure and autonomous digital access. "Our Blockchain solution allows to share digital keys in a secure and easy way." Our mission is to discover new opportunities with friends & partners in a trusted collaboration. Exactly that`s what we find at The Drivery, especially because the locks of the Drivery are already equipped with the YPTOKEY Technology.



As a Hong Kong startup with our key customers in Germany, we were looking for the opportunity to have presence in Berlin. This however presented itself in the best of opportunities with the drivery, a perfect and unique hub of mobility innovation.

For Visionaries 777, being a member means access to new opportunities and meeting other people that are looking for disrupt the mobility industry. We can't wait to be part of this disruptive revolution!

Visionaries 777’s sole mission is to push the boundaries of AR/VR/MR thus  accelerating disruption in the way stake holders in the automotive industry Interact  with the physical world now & in the future.



The Hella Fast Forward Incubator finally found  The Drivery, a perfect place for us to incubate distruptive ideas & businesses.

The combination of Coworking, Marker Space and relevant club community are optimal incredients.