The E-Lorean Project

Turning Science Fiction into Reality

In the Maker Garages, you’ll find one of our favorite side-projects here at The Drivery: The E-Lorean Project.

For this, a group of enthusiasts join forces to commonly E-Tune and autonomize one of the most iconic cars ever built. This open-sourced, electrified vehicle shows the future possibilities of mobility while paying homage to the quintessential DeLorean.

Our Maker Garages are equipped with an operational car lift, a 3D scanner, and vehicle weight scales, providing the perfect space to toil away on this one-of-a-kind automotive.


Team-lead Felix provides help and instructions for the next steps in building the E-Lorean.


Workspace for the E-Lorean


Engine bay, scanned by Felix Kreysig


Timon Rupp uses an industrial grade 3D-Scanner which generates high-precision 3D meshes that can be imported into any construction software for design and engineering of components

Support The E-Lorean Project

Become a benefactor of the E-Lorean Project by sponsoring the electrification; and later autonomization processes. Companies and individuals can select certain parts of the E-Lorean to sponsor and be recognized for their contributions.
When it comes to electrification companies can sponsor the engine, transmission, battery, battery management system, wheels, interior, and lighting.

For the autonomization, companies can sponsor the radar,  lidar, camera, actors, AI, and CPU.

Contact Felix to become a sponsor or ask additional questions about the E-Lorean.

Take a look at the project one pager!

Contact Felix for additional information.