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The Drivery is the perfect event space in Berlin for your mobility, innovation and sustainability event. The Drivery was designed as a marketplace for the emergence of a diverse ecosystem of creatives, entrepreneurs and inventors. Our unique event spaces are designed to unite the tech community and promote sustainable ideas and concepts.

The Drivery as an Eventspace Berlin

The Drivery offers versatile spaces for events of all kinds. From analog product launches to digital hackathons. With us, everything is possible.

With our separate and versatile event spaces as well as meeting rooms, state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive catering services, The Drivery supports you in every aspect of hosting your event – from traditional to creative, from analog to hybrid.

Our event spaces at a glance


The ideal environment for hackathons and workshops thanks to fully equipped workstations and GPU farm.

Eventspace Details:

  • Bright, professional 200 m² space
  • Capacity up to 45 people
  • Perfect for hackathons, workshops
  • GPU computing power for deep learning
  • Fixed equipment with 45 desks, 32 screens and 10 gbit/s high-speed internet

The Algorithm Farm is an inspiring space where ideas are cultivated, data is structured, codebases are nurtured, and ideas are set in motion. This event venue is ideal for hackathons and work-oriented retreats. With 32 screens, 45 desks and high-speed WiFi, innovators can quickly plug in and start exploring, collaborating and building the future. Even if it gets really late, hackathon participants have 24/7 access to the space. In the Algorithm Farm, you’ll have access to high-performance computing (HPC) power in our GPU Farm. This supercomputer provide everything the teams need for Deep Learning and AI development. This makes our Algorithm Farm perfect for hackathons and workshops.
Need refreshments? Ask about our catering service for beverage and snack options for this event location.

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This open, bright event hall with an industrial feel offers ample space for conferences, panel discussions or showcases on the cutting edge.

Eventspace Details:

    • Spacious 700 m² event hall
    • Capacity up to 400 persons
    • Largest indoor HD LED screen in Berlin
    • Lectures, conferences, presentations, trade fairs, panel discussions, demonstrations and showcases

The Deep Space has the largest indoor HD-LED screen in Berlin, giving your keynote or product presentation the right radiance. The brand new audio system with easy-to-use interface and wireless microphones ensures that the technology is uncomplicated and secure. In Deep Space there are no limits to the imagination: The event location offers numerous possibilities for presentations, workshops, trade fairs or networking events.

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The modular, flexible space brings your community together and your idea in front of an audience.

Eventspace Details:

  • Modular 180 m² space
  • Capacity up to 80 people
  • Pitching stage, conference room and cooking area
  • Perfect for pitches, lunch & learns, meetups, networking events, happy hours, catered events.

Unlike its namesake, this space is a flexible and modular space that can be converted into three separate breakout rooms or used as one spacious area for networking. Hangar 18 also features a state-of-the-art, fully equipped kitchen that can turn any social event into a moment of indulgence.
Brand new technical equipment including a screen and wireless microphone system ensure that you can focus entirely on the content of the event.

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The fully equipped digital and analog audio and video studio will take your corporate communications and digital events to the next level.

Eventspace Details:

  • Full-featured digital audio and video studio for podcasts, webinars, press conferences and more.
  • On request, our professional media partners will help you with the implementation

From your own podcast to professionally produced webinar series to extensive programming for your digital event – the Streamy has everything you need for fast, high-quality implementation. The media studio has various microphones, SLR and web cameras, background systems (green, black and white screen), lighting elements and furniture options.

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The bright, modernly equipped meeting rooms provide new, creative impulses and structured work far away from the everyday environment.

Eventspace Details:

  • Bright, flexible meeting rooms for 6 to 25 people.
  • Equipped with screen, modern audio system and flipcharts
  • High-speed WLAN included
  • Catering service for refreshments in between

Virtual meetings are great – but nothing beats effective team collaboration on site. The meeting rooms at The Drivery benefit from the innovative atmosphere of the space and encourage focused work, brainstorming and problem solving. Each meeting room is equipped with a screen, modern audio system, and flipchart or whiteboard to capture ideas right away. For relaxing breaks in between, we offer catering services – from hot lunch buffets to vegan snacks. We work closely with you to find the perfect space for your event. In addition, The Drivery also offers support in organizing and managing your event and curates content. Inspire your guests and experience how The Drivery’s innovative spirit enriches your event formats. Take a look at our flexible and creative event spaces on-site or in our virtual tour!

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Your benefits for hosting your event at The Drivery.

When you choose The Drivery as your event space in Berlin, you not only get a unique location for your event, but much more:

  • Inspiring environment and access to our community of mobility innovators.

  • Highspeed WLAN in all premises

  • Professional event management support

  • State-of-the-art reliable AV systems and expert technical support

  • Additional furniture and equipment available upon request

  • Reliable catering partners for every occasion

  • Recommendations from photographers

  • Advertising support for your event

Our events at the Drivery

The Drivery regularly welcomes exciting events in the fields of mobility, digitalization and sustainability to our premises and also hosts them ourselves – from intimate roundtable discussions to showcase events for our community. Here you can find out about past and future events at The Drivery’s event locations in Berlin.

THE MESH event series

Events play a key role in connecting mobility innovators at The Drivery. The MESH Event Series enables to leverage synergies, build and expand a personal network, share knowledge and experiences, and build trusted partnerships and brands. We run The MESH events in close collaboration with our partners, ensuring that the event helps our partners achieve its goals.


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