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Join The Drivery Berlin ⇄ Seoul Startup Ecosystem

With leveraging the largest ecosystem for mobility innovators in Europe and in close cooperation with our Korean partners 123 factory and Stage 9 , we invite startups from Korea to accelerate into the European Market. And we offer vice versa the chance to connect with the Korean Market for German Startups. 

For Korean mobility startups who want to enter European mobility market

If you are seriously considering Europe as your next strategic expansion and can commit the resources, this individual support program is for you.

Apply now for virtual membership to get your pitch deck polished for 1:1 introductions to your new potential customers, municipalities and investors abroad!

Market Entry Membership benefits

– Joining the Drivery Slack community

– Free use of Flex Desk when you have a business trip in Berlin

– Virtual meet up with representatives from The Drivery team once a month via video call. Examples of the call:

  • Initial pitch to The Drivery plus Engagement Session to deeper understand strategy, team etc,
  • Feedback session to prepare the deck for the market entry
  • Personal introductions to 1-3 lead customers in Europe 
  • Uploading of Pitch Deck in Dealroom for VC exposure 
  • Ongoing consulting on request     

Optional Service

  • Legal consulting from in-house Korean – German lawyer
  • Agent of market analysis 
  • All Services which are The Drivery offering now


  • Basic Membership fee: 500 Euro (+VAT) (min. membership duration of 6 months) 
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For Members of The Drivery who want to explore the Korean startup ecosystem

If you want to expand to South Korea or form business relationships in the Far East, get in touch with us! Stage 9 provides you with Seoul office when you are exploring South Korean market.

The Drivery Korea marketplace provides the optimal infrastructure for different stakeholders like startups, corporates, universities, and venture capital firms in rapidly growing mobility market verticals to commonly accelerate game-changing market trends.

Exploring membership benefits

– Co-working space in Seoul, Songdo and Gwangju

– Partner with Stage 9

– Free Flex Desk membership

Basic included

  • 24/7 access
  • private lockers
  • shared meeting space
  • company address registration and postal service

Optional Service

  • private meeting space
  • tax and booking service

Support from Korean business expert

  • Korean mobility expert (ex: from Hyundai, KIA)
  • meeting opportunity with Korean governmental officers and getting R&D possibilities
  • Accelerated access to sales & funding opportunities in Korea


  • Price based on The Drivery membership fee + 100 Euro
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The Drivery

Match-making membership (new)

Find customers, partners and investors.

For Korean mobility startup who wants to meet right contact point in European mobility market

If you are ready to enter the European market, and you need initial contact of the potential partners, customers, municipalities and investors!

The Drivery networks from all over the world with the help of its partners and the Innovation Bridges with the leading industrial partners from the mobility industry.

Through Match-making membership, start-ups gain easier access to the business ecosystem.

Innovations arise from international cooperation.

Match-making Membership benefits:

  • Virtual meet up with representatives from The Drivery team and get a feedback (once per 1 matchmaking)
  • Personal introductions to 1 lead customers in Europe

Optional Service

  • Same as Market entry membership

Membership Fee

  • Per 1 lead : 500 Euro
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The Drivery

Collaboration with Adler, a startup building a 3D social network. Adler is creating a 3D showroom for The Driverly Korea, which will feature the products and services of seven Korean mobility startups. Investors and potential customers from around the world can visit online and easily check out their products.

Enter the 3D Showroom

Contact Eunseo for additional information.