The place to accelerate your hardware ideas! The MAKER GARAGE consists of 8 separate Hardware Studios each featuring a 6 x 6 m² workshop space on the ground level and a 30m² office space in a directly accessible loft storey. Drive into your Hardware Studio or use the car lifts with passenger cars and light trucks for up to 3,5 tons.


Having tools is good, knowing how to use them is even better. Our staff will help you use our equipment and our tools to speed up your development and save you time spent on youtubing and googeling. Each problem has a solution, and even if we don’t have a solution in house, we most likely know someone (…who knows someone…) to help you out as quickly as possible.


We have two car lifts available. One 4-column car lift supports up to 5 tons and is designed for adjustments on vehicle suspensions prior to ADAS sensor calibration. The 3,5 ton 2-column car lift is designed for heavy duty work on vehicles such as dismantling of body or suspension parts.

For ADAS sensor calibration we provide state-of-the-art tools from Hella Gutmann Solutions such as a MegaMacs77 Diagnostics computer for cars and bikes and CSC Tool for sensor and camera calibration.


Depending on your project at The Drivery-In, you have also access to specialized tools such as multi channel oscilloscopes, laboratory power sources, and function generators. For fabrication we supply you with a 3D-Printer, lathe, 4-axis mill, and TIG/MIG/MAG welding equipment.


Each studio comes fully equipped with a professional grade toolset. Pressurized air, Gbit LAN, and 11kW 400V current are available as well. The office space comes equipped with a 55” Flat screen, furniture, and desks for 8 people.