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As founders of a young sales agency, Victoria Ulrich and Hesham Kashkari are very familiar with all the hurdles faced by a start-up. With their many years of experience and expertise in sales, they will now be providing active support to the members of The Drivery. Whether you want to go full throttle with cold calling or work on structured sales development, the VENSUM team will take your sales to the next level.

Since its opening in 2019, The Drivery in Berlin has become the central meeting point for innovative mobility start-ups. In order for the companies and members of The Drivery to focus on their unique business models and products, the exclusive partnership with the sales agency, VENSUM was created. Especially for young companies, it is crucial to acquire many new customers, as most of them do not yet have a fixed customer base. It is precisely in this area that Timon Rupp, founder and CEO of The Drivery and Victoria Ulrich and Hesham Kashkari, founders of VENSUM, are seeing synergistic effects benefiting both sides. The co-operation is not only intended to enable sales outsourcing but also to establish communication with an experienced, competent contact person in sales for the members of The Drivery. With VENSUM’s sales expertise and the enormous potential of over 100 companies simmering in the rooms of the 10,000 m² historic Ullsteinhaus, the partnership is a guaranteed recipe for success.

AUTHENTIC. PRAGMATIC. AGILE. PERSONAL. VENSUM is the partner for all sales matters. From cold calling to customer retention, the founders of VENSUM personally accompany their partners to success. Victoria Ulrich and Hesham Kashkari founded VENSUM in response to a well-known problem: cold calling is unpopular. The focus is on cold calling and new customer acquisition but VENSUM also offers to support its partners throughout every step of the sales process and build sustainable structures, train staff and even take over the entire sales process if required. As an experienced sales team, the two of them can draw on over 30 years of experience to find a tailor-made sales strategy for every company.

About The Drivery
The Drivery opened in March 2019 as a marketplace for mobility innovators to provide the modern infrastructure needed for rapid innovation and to act as a meeting point for the European mobility community. Today, The Drivery is home to over 120 companies focused entirely on mobility within the European technology eco-system. The Drivery is located in Berlin and covers an area of over 10,000 m² (and counting) and includes garages of high-tech prototype manufacturers, a GPU farm providing excessive computing power for AI development, as well as spaces for co-working, offices and events.

Victoria Ulrich

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The Drivery

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