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The Drivery occupies over 10.000m2 space in the historic Ullsteinhaus at the Tempelhof Harbor.

Mobility innovators beget mobility. Between car-sharing, bicycle sharing, electric scooters, kick scooters — there are numerous ways to get to The Drivery.

The Ullsteinhaus is next to U-Bahnhof Ullsteinstraße on the U6. This stop is wheelchair accessible.

Mariendorfer Damm 1
12099 Berlin, Germany

Meet Our Team

The people keeping things moving at The Drivery!
Founder & CEO of The Drivery

Timon Rupp

Timon believes in the creative power of highly connected experts and entrepreneurs. With the founding of The Drivery GmbH in 2019, he created a marketplace for mobility innovators. In a unique environment the exchange of ideas and concepts between visionaries, investors, and politicians in accelerating innovation.
Timon has distinguished himself as an MDAX executive, an entrepreneur, and a corporate venturing specialist with several successful foundations.
Head of Marketing & Public Affairs

Natalia Bahancova

Her passion for curiosity and communication has taken her around the world, with stints in Odessa and Sint Maarten. Now based in Berlin, Natalia uses her experience, especially in B2B sector, to drive the communication efforts of The Drivery – Europe’s Largest Marketplace and Community for Mobility Innovation.

At The Drivery, Natalia is working to continue to spread the word of mobility innovation among our community and those who are not yet, but will soon, be aware of this new mobility ecosystem.

Director Investments and Innovation Programs

Sebastian Leber

I have an extraordinary opportunity to combine my knowledge of the last years, be it building an incubator and investing in startups, innovation consulting or founding companies, alone or with co-founders.

I am very excited to have taken on a new role as Director of Investments and Innovation Programs at The Drivery.
Hundreds of startups and companies have the opportunity to connect with each other here and get support on their innovation journey on manyfold ways.

Head of Office Operations

Nicole Schulz

While some of us are running on mate and coffee, The Drivery is running in thanks to Nicole. As the Head of Office Operations, she takes care to make sure things are running smoothly and safeguard what the community needs most: mate and coffee. Is this easy? Of course not but Nicole manages it with a smile on her face and a peaceful, calm attitude.
Yes, beyond mate and coffee she is also supplying us with her more relaxed vibes within The Drivery team.
Director Sales & Business Development

Philip Pollmanns

I absolutely believe in networking, improvising in situations in which you don’t find a solution right away and looking beyond and outside the box. Working for a company with such a foundation is the absolute right place for me.
Junior Event Manager

Angelina Knopf

Angelina joined The Drivery team in February 2023 after working in the financial industry. Her plan is to take The Drivery mission into the world and to connect people through events who would otherwise have met only under difficult circumstances.
Director of Maker Garages

Felix Kreysig

Felix is just that guy you always want to have around - always. A technically minded problem solver-slash-fixer-slash-doer, he is the one to go to. Like any good problem solver, he also knows when to call in reinforcements and get additional backup.

You’ll see Felix wandering around The Drivery, WD 40 in hand and ready to tackle any challenge.

Director Digital Operations & Events

Lisa Jeller

Lisa is a tech enthusiast, passionate event professional and creative thinker. As Head of Events & Sponsorship at event tech provider EventMobi, her certified expertise has helped partners and clients meet the challenge of digital events with courage & creativity. She passes on this knowledge in expert lectures and interactive workshops.
"The belief in space and events as a connector and facilitator of collaboration resonates with me. I'm particularly passionate about the opportunities digitization offers in educating and connecting like-minded people across borders and industries. I'm excited to not only bring my organisation skills and growth mindset to the table, but also strengthen the social, supportive nature of The Drivery community" says Lisa